5 Perks of Traveling Alone

Around this time in December 2014, I just returned from my first solo trip to Korea. After checking out many similar articles shared in different newsroom, I could finally testify to them! Here are 5 perks of traveling alone I’ve discovered after being alone in Korea for 12 days!

5 Perks Of Traveling Alone
1. Anytime, Anywhere.
Airlines promotions are always enticing us to make purchase before it’s too late! It can be quite nerve-wrecking if your friends couldn’t apply leave or if your desired destinations doesn’t align with your friends’. When all’s decided and done, the promotions are probably over and the prices are skyrocketing again. Flying to Hong Kong at the price of $150 onwards? Book right away! Traveling alone allows you to book immediately without answering to anyone or compromising anything.

2. No Rush, No Hush.
Saw a cafe while making your way to the next attraction and you feel like taking a break with a cuppa? Mesmerized by scenic view and you just wanna take a moment to take in its beauty? Have a place in mind or in your itinerary that you really, really, really have to go? Granted, it can be a challenge to find like-minded travel buddies who have the same interests as you do. Well, don’t be perplexed! Being on a solo trip, you can make spontaneous changes to your itinerary without worrying that you might offend anyone and make the best out of your trip!

3. Traveling alone helps in self-discovery.
Sounds cliché but it’s true. Unbeknownst to you, every fibre of your being that you might never know of will slowly unveil itself. You may come to realize that you ARE pretty independent or perhaps, a closeted extrovert. Sometimes, you will discover that your limits are boundless. If at all, you will come back with broadened horizon; with new perspectives about things and the world. One thing for sure, you will never return the same way as you went.

4. Making new friends from all over the world is enriching.
You will definitely meet and hear many stories of travelers like yourself and their stories can be awe-inspiring. Open yourself up and mingle with the travelers in your hostel/backpackers/guesthouse. Best part? You will, one day, travel to their country and they can take you around – vice versa. In some countries, they do have local free tour by their universities students. That’s when you can meet the locals, exchange cultures and learn some languages!

5. Everyone needs a healthy push.
This compels you out of your comfort zone. Everyone needs that spur of the moment to do things lest you may end up regretting if you haven’t done so. The moment when you touched down in your homeland and realized that you’ve already accomplished it is simply…awesome! That surge of accomplishment and satisfaction is therapeutic.

I travel because I’d rather look back at my life, saying ‘I can’t believe I did that’ instead of ‘If only I had..’ – Florine Bos

[Post contributed by Gen. N]

If you haven’t tried solo travel, I would highly encourage you to. At least once. If you are still contemplating, don’t rule them out just yet. The fears, worries and misgivings will eventually be gone when you arrived at the destination – courage will soon take over. If you have traveled alone and have some perks to share, do leave a comment and share with us! We would love to hear from you :)

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