SG to JB 2015: City Square & KSL City Mall

Last month, Genecia and I went for a Day Trip to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia which was just across the shore of Singapore. It has been a long while since I took a public transport to JB and it was surprisingly easy to go across and to travel around!


How to travel to JB
To cut short the waiting time of the long queues to JB, take the MRT to Kranji station and cross over to the overhead bridge to the opposite bus stop. Board bus 160 or 170 which states that they are heading to JB Sentral. The buses opposite the station are more frequent, shorter route and has shorter queue. Alight at Woodlands checkpoint, get your passport chopped and take the same bus that will take you to JB checkpoint.

Breakfast in JB
We wanted to try the popular breakfast place opposite the Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory but it was not opened :( so in the end we just headed for breakfast down the same street.

Decent breakfast for the price of less than RM$10! Mee Rebus was sedap! (which means yummy in malay)


How to travel to KSL Mall
After breakfast, we headed to KSL Mall!

If you want to make it real easy- get a taxi!
But it’s easy too if you choose to take a bus :) Upon passing the immigration, you should see signs leading to the bus terminal (you can even see it through the glass, on your left hand side). Take the escalator down & ta-da!

There are various buses headed for different location such as Kota Tinggi etc. so make sure you check out the board that states KSL City Mall. The bus number to take is S1 & it is usually at the far end of the interchange.

It costs only RM$1.50 to board the bus- make sure you prepared exact as they do not provide change. Don’t worry about missing the bus, it operates at about 20 minutes interval. After approx 10 mins waiting time, we were headed for the mall!

Things to do in KSL
There are a couple of things you can do in KSL and that includes shopping, massage, nails, hair, movies & eating! Here’s a couple we did and we would like to share with you.

1. Massage
I once did a massage in KSL and it was really bad. Genecia has a regular one she goes to every time she comes to KSL and it was indeed good and absolutely worth the price. They have various types of massage and we took the 60mins full body and 40mins foot massage package (100 mins) which cost RM100 (Updated as of 1st Oct 2015).

Details as follows:

Century Health Care & Beauty
Address: L1-32,33,34 KSL City
Contact : 07-300 1393

2. Food
Penang Laksa- My favourite!

Located at the basement of the mall, this yummy asam laksa is really authentic and costs only RM$5! Asam means tamarind in Malay and the taste is sweet, sour & slightly spicy.

Fried rice ball
Located in level 3, the fried rice ball is pretty unique. The rice ball itself is fried, wrapped with seaweed and the fillings which you can select from the menu. But be careful as you can get messy.


3. Nails
There are plenty of nail parlour for you to choose from if you are in for some beauty trips. I just walked around briefly and chose the one I feel like going in. Prices range between RM$35-38 for a pedicure. In time for Chinese New Year if you are intending to do so- Why not head to JB?

4. Shopping!
Last but not least, all time favourite- Shopping! There are many shops around KSL if you are in for shopping. And in our opinion, the prices are only slightly cheaper as compared to Singapore and…. the designs over there- it’s highly likely that you will not get a fashion design clash!

Things to do in City Square
We came back to city square in the evening. Similar to the list of things I’ve mentioned earlier, you can also do shopping, nails, massage and food in the mall. However, prices will be slightly pricier. From time to time, city square has events going on in the atrium. You can check out their website at for the full directory and upcoming events.

We did shopping and had dinner at Dragon-I on that day.

IMG_7530 IMG_7528

IMG_7545 IMG_7548

Sorry for the lack of pictures and directions- will do a update when we do another day trip soon!

Till then!

Signing off with our #00td of the day.



[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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