Explore Singapore – Haw Par Villa


Hello there!

While trying to finish up our individual Bali & Seoul trips , we are going to start a new #ExploreSingapore series where we share the places to go to in Singapore (; And first up in this series is – Haw Par Villa (also known as Tiger Balm Gardens)! We both remembered vividly that we came as a child and got frightened by the tales and images we saw in Haw Par because it was too graphic for a kid. Basically Haw Par Villa is a place that showcases the Chinese tales…

We used to pay for the entrance but now it’s for free. You should be able to finish the ‘tour’ in an hour (or less).

A selfie before heading in (:

Here’s the bit on the history:

You’ll get to meet some animals, including giant apes, Pandas, tigers etc.

And read up on the various values encompasses since the ancient days and the Chinese tales and stories depicted by the images. Here’ are some snippets:

  One of the most ‘horrifying’ Chinese tales will be the 10 gates of hell. We used to remember what our parents would say, “if you lied, you’ll get your tongue cut off.”

In the past, when we were much younger, this portion was depicted through a river ride with red lights and scary images. If we didn’t remember wrongly, there were more displays and entertainments in the past but it has now became rather bare leaving behind the statues.

Anyway, the Gates of Hell was so scary that both of us can still remember the experience till the very day. This is definitely not suitable for children – Parental Guidance is encouraged.

Here’s the entrance to the ‘Gates of Hell’

Overall, we would recommend this place as it shows the ancient Chinese values and stories. To us, it’s kinda historic as we heard some of the stories during Chinese classes or even told by our parents when we were younger. For children, the general part of it is alright but not so for the ‘Gate of hell’ section. Otherwise, they’ll be like us, remembering that if we lied, we are going to get our tongues chopped off. Too traumatizing for a kid, isn’t it? :)

That’s all from us! Have fun exploring & share with us what you think of this place (;

How to get there:
Circle Line (Yellow) – CC25 Haw Par Villa
Take the exit (there’s only one for that station),
turn right and you’ll be greeted by the marvelous sculptures!

Genecia & Raine

[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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