Bangkok Day 1/5: Budacco Hotel, Go Ang Kaiton Chicken Rice & Siam


Hello everyone! I just got back from a 5D4N Bangkok trip a few days ago, and the last time I went Bangkok was a few years back, together with Raine and one of our mutual friends! This time around, I brought my family with me and since we took an early flight, the first day was fuss-free and light. The last thing I want is to tire them out on the first day.


We arrived in Bangkok at approx 0835 via Jetstar and lodged in Budacco Hotel near Pratunam/Platinum Mall. Staying in this hotel for the 2nd time, the experience is still pleasant and lovely, even my family likes it! Not too fancy, cosy, quiet, clean and it’s strategically located at the heart of most popular places! Right outside the hotel you can find street food, morning and night market. Budacco Hotel has different colored themes for each room to choose from – pink, purple and yellow.


Directions: Upon arrival at the airport, head to the Airport Link (basement level) and take the City Line towards Ratchaparop (2nd last station of the airport line). Once you have taken the lift down at the station, turn left and walk straight ahead for 100 meters. You’ll see railway track and it should be directly on your right. Turn right @ Ratchaparop 3 sign. Walk straight ahead and turn left when you see Baiyoke Hotel. Turn right again after a junction and you’ll see the Budacco sign. Watch this video to better help you at navigating.

Tips: Most tuk-tuks and taxis do not know Budacco Hotel, hence we always tell them ‘Baiyoke Sky Hotel’ and they’ll take us back safely. We just have to walk a short distance (about 2 mins) to our hotel once they dropped us at Baiyoke Sky. Alternatively, you can direct them from Baiyoke Sky if you are too tired to walk.


Location: Go Ang Kaiton Chicken Rice (Pink Uniform)
Opening hours: 5.30am to 3pm and 3pm to 6pm


We went to check out the highly raved Go Ang Kaiton Chicken Rice (Pink uniform) just opposite Palladium Mall/Berkeley Hotel and within close proximity to Novotel. Their opening hours are from 5.30am to 3pm and 6pm to 3am. However, according to the locals, they opened late that day due to Loi Krathong festival. Leaving with no choice, we had to compromise and patronize their competitor, which is the one in green uniform. There was a long queue when we were there and unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of time to join the queue so we takeout. Verdict? Overrated. The chicken is soft and tender however, the rice lacks fragrant and their chilli is sweet to the taste. In fact, I prefer Siam Paragon’s food court chicken rice to that. And nothing beats Singapore’s chicken rice and garlic chilli yet.


After checking-in and resting for a bit, we headed to Siam Paragon. If you’re on a budget, you may opt to shop at Siam Square but they close quite early about 8/9pm. That place has a lot of students and I believe, it’s a lot cheaper to shop there. I saw tons of ‘200 bahts’ advertised at the shopfront. In addition to that, night market vendors start setting up their tents and stores at 7pm right below Siam BTS and closes at about 11pm to midnight. Do take extra care of your belongings as the walkway is narrow and be prepared to jostle with the crowd. You can spend the whole night at Siam area and get ready to splurge without feeling a pinch!

With that, we called it a day! On to Day 2…

[Post contributed by Gen. N]

I hope this post is helpful! If you have further questions or doubts on anything Bangkok, do leave a comment and we’ll try our best to help you! :)



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