Explore Singapore: Leather Making Workshop


Hello there!
I finally had some time to write a new post so here goes!

I am naturally not an artistic person but I loved handmade items, scrapbooking etc. I have been wanting to get my hands on making my own leather items but never once booked a workshop for it. The booking of this workshop happened when I was flying on Singapore Airlines and while looking at the magazine on Krisshop, there lies a portion on leather making workshop with Bynd Artisan for SGD$78. The workshop includes a making of a coin pouch, card holder, bracelet and key tab with one of the item you can choose to customize it with your name. I found out later that the one we signed up for was their Leather Qudro workshop.

My colleague, Zhenru and I wanted to go the orchard outlet but it wasn’t ready yet so we had the workshop at the Holland Village outlet.

We scheduled on a Monday afternoon session so it was really quiet and nice. Besides workshop, they also do retail.Before I start sharing on the workshop, I’ll do a quick round of sharing on the retail – which I also got a book jacket after the class.

They also have customization of notebooks other than leather items.
Now onto the workshop.
We had our teacher, Hwee Shyan getting us started with first drawing the outline. The raw materials

 Hwee shyan guiding Zhenru (:

 The outline.

Then, we proceeded with cutting & trimming.  
It wasn’t as easy as I thought. Really need to be quite meticulous and patient to trim it nicely. We took a short break, served with tea and some biscuits (loved the service here!) Here’s us, while resting our hands for awhile.

We also punched the holes- all ready for putting the buttons!

Next process – choosing the buttons Friends whom knows me would know that I’m not too good with too many choices! They all looked too pretty.
Then we had this machine to help us secure the buttons.
Okay, this was kinda pose for it

And with that, we have all except for the coin pouch done. Last step for the coin pouch – choosing the thread to sow the sides (yay, more choices!).   Here goes the sewing (:

And with that last major step done, we used a hammer to soften the leather. Ta-da! Our finished products.

And a picture with our Hwee Shayn :)

The equipment & the final products. We took approximately 3hours to complete the workshop. So happy to see the end products!

Bynd Artisan also hosts other type of classes in collaboration with other artists. They have a book binding session coming up too. To find out more:

Bynd Artisan
Tel (65) 6475 1680

Here’s wishing everyone a Blessed 2016! May you and your loved ones find joy & happiness throughout the year. Safe Travels too wherever you go :)

Much Love,

[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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