Bangkok 4&5/5: Saabx2 Wanton Noodle,Platinum Mall and Chinatown T&K Seafood/Birds’ Nest


Hello guys! Sorry for the long hiatus, I am finally back to complete my Bangkok post.

On day 4, I brought my family to try the highly raved Saab Saab Wanton Noodle aka Soi 19. There wasn’t any queue during my first visit years ago, but this time around I was greeted by a long queue at about 9.30 to 10ish, which comprises of mostly Singaporeans & Malaysians.

Location: Opposite Platinum Fashion Mall. You will see a side road with a goldsmith shop right at the corner, turn into the lane and you’ll see the shop. Diagonally opposite Shibuya 19 mall from its side entrance.
Opening Hours: 9am – 4pm daily.


It took us about 45 minutes before we could finally get a table for ourselves. However, we were taken aback by their poor and aloof service. Some customers got their orders shortly after they were seated, but ours took really long (about 20-30minutes). Needless to say, our patience wore thin.

We ordered pork trotters and four bowls of wanton noodle, but only our plate of pork trotters was served first within 5-8 minutes after our orders were taken. My aunt went up to the lady (I assumed she’s the lady boss) and gently feedback to her that our orders were taking too long while others’ were already served. Her reply was arrogant and standoffish, “Everyone else is also waiting. If don’t want or cannot wait, you can leave.”

WHAT? I BEG YOUR PARDON? It’s like implying they have endless customers streaming in and queuing outside, it doesn’t hurt if they were to lose our business. We sure were pissed at such response, but we caved in since we had queued for so long and waited long enough, so might as well.

Overall, besides the service, the food is still overrated – at least to me. My family thought their food was not too bad but just not quite worth the queue after the unpleasant encounter and dining experience. They do speak simple mandarin by the way, so ordering was a breeze.

Next, we headed over to Platinum mall to start our crazy shopping. I deliberately arranged Platinum Mall on the last day of our trip as it’s near our hotel, we can offload our shopping hauls conveniently before heading elsewhere. Platinum is a pretty known multi-level shopping mall retailing at wholesale price. You can try haggling though. However, I was put off by both the narrow walkway and massive crowd. These two factors just don’t go very well together but who am I to complain when it’s a shopping haven? Heh.

Sis and I did some quick shopping there, snagged a few good deals and gave up anyway. We headed out for some fresh air and chanced upon the awesome food trucks! I had the Korean’s chicken bulgogi rice, which was yummy!

We ended our night at Yaowarat Chinatown with SUPERB Seafood at T&K, even my family was full of praises for it! We took a cab there and arrived pretty early, so we shopped for some delicacies before heading opposite for our feast.

Location: 49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Road. (Green uniform)
Opening hours: 4.30pm till late

We were the first group of customer while they were busy setting up tables. The crowd came shortly after. It is best to be there early to avoid the queue. These were the only two pictures I took of the food before I greedily gobbled down what were before my eyes. You can’t skip ordering the Crab Tung Hoon because YOU MUST. It tastes heavenly. Overall, it was the best meal throughout our trip and the price was very reasonable. To get that kind of price for such seafood galore in Singapore is highly remote.

Beside our table sat 3 fellow Singaporeans who introduced us to Bird’s nest, which is just a street down. How could we skip recommendations? :)

Location: Dong Fang Birds’ Nest – Facing the main road at T&K Seafood, turn right and walk a street down and turn right after. (I vaguely remember, turn right when you see a bank or pawn shop)

They have various grades of Birds’ Nest to choose from, we chose the average ones at 200/300 Baht. If adding eggs into ur birds’ nest is not to your liking, you may return em’.

So..there you have it. This marks the end of my Bangkok post, we headed back to Singapore the very next morning.

Check out Day 1 here, Day 2 here and Day 3 here, if you haven’t.

[Post contributed by Gen. N]

I hope this post is helpful! If you have further questions or doubts on anything Bangkok, do leave a comment and we’ll try our best to help you! :)

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