Explore Singapore: The Cat Museum

Hello there! Here’s another Explore Singapore post.

Actually, there are so many activities that we could do here in Singapore. And hopefully, in this new year, I’ll be able to discover different activities to do right here in this red dot and share with you guys. I would do a compilation once I have a number of activities discovered! :)

So… About 2 months ago, I visited the Cat Museum!

First thing to note, the museum is not operated everyday and there is specific timing for visit. This is mainly due to the free roaming cats they have and I guess for the safety of the animals – it good to give them breaks so they don’t get overwhelmed as well. Don’t worry about the details, I’ll share at the end of the post.

The museum is located along purvis street – same street as saveur. You can see the sign as you walked past.

 Climb up this flight of stairs

As shoes are not allowed within the premise, we have to remove our shoes into the locker. You’ll have to pay a dollar for this.

Here’s a quick look at the map. There are three levels to the museum and lots of free roaming cats.

When you enter, you’ll see a gate – that is the entrance to the museum and to each level. Because there are roaming cats, we’ll need to enter & close the door so that the cats don’t sneak out.

Here’s a picture of the ticket & a free calander (:

They even have  a petting chart to teach you how to pet a cat.

When we enter & through each level, we need to sanitize our hand first so that our hands are clean before touching the cat.

Some ground rules.

The entire museum display artwork, history and heaps of picture and introduction about the cats.

Here’s one with the artwork.

The cat village/museum around the world. I personally went to the one in Taiwan before.

The history on how domestic cats came about.

We also seen an odd eye cat in the museum!

Heading up to the rest of the levels, there’s heaps of cartoon poster of cats and introduction of the ‘Superstar’ cats living here. So pretty with cats fairy lights!

information to understand the cats.

This cat looks soooooo cute!

Practical information on approaching, playing with cat.

They even have a kitten kindergarten where you can play or even choose to adopt the kittens here!

One of the cats was doing photo shoot. Looks so relaxed.

One of the most gentle cat that allows us to pet on him.

Here’s the oldest one name bradd pitt

A cat playing with a box of toys, all on his’ own.

This is a very princess looking cat. Her fur is long & pretty.

Come & visit on one of the weekends if ya a cat lover or generally love animals :)

The Cat Museum
Address: 8 Purvis Street #02-02 Singapore 188587
Contact: 6336 2113
Operation Hours: Fridays: 4.30pm – 7.30pm; Saturdays/Sundays: 12noon – 7.30pm
(closed from 3.30pm – 4.30pm for Kitty Nap)
Admission Fee: $9, Free for Children below 6 years old


[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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