Yogyakarta Part 3: Jomblang Cave & Pindul Cave Tubing


Continuing our adventures – after covering the cultural portion, we’re up for adventures! I first knew and wanted to travel to Jogja because I saw my friend’s Instagram where he posted a picture at a place called Jomblang Cave. It was beautiful.

And therefore, how can we miss this place in our itinerary isn’t it?

So, for day 3 & 4 through the recommendation by Firsta, we hired our own personal driver, name Andie. He was really excellent and honest too. We were overcharged on one of the days & at the end of the trip, he actually told us about it and refunded us the rest of the money. We wanted to give him a 50K rupiah tip but in the end, gave him a 5k cause we got the currency mixed up -.-” Felt so bad about it & only realized after he drove off. IMG_9845.JPG

A personal driver is highly recommended because the place is not easily accessible via public transport. Pre-booking to enter into Jomblang cave is needed too because the maximum number of pax that they can take per day is 25.

And the day that we went, i think it reached till about 30 people? It was pretty crowded.

Upon reaching, we were gathered to collect our boots first before they brought us to the area where we’ll be descending from 60m height. We were geared up with our harness & the locals were setting up the belay system. Looking at them setting up brings me chill.

The belay system is being secured by the center piece so you can say that it’s pretty secured. Each time, they send two people down.

So once we are down, we waited for the others before moving out. Because of the group size, they split us up into 3 batches to move into the cave. Neither do we know that there was a pretty adventurous path (so to speak) while heading down. And for girls, it’s highly recommended to wear sport attire & avoid white. We saw a girl wearing boyfriend tee with hot shorts (can’t imagine the abrasion when being belayed down) & yes i think she’ll probably throw away that dress after the session.

Partly due to the rain, the path was muddy & slippery. We had to walk down this route with the (unstable) rope & hanging on to our dear life.

And here’s a picture of us down to the entrance of the cave with our muddy hands 😁

The cave was pitch dark. We read on some reviews to bring a torch or headlight but we didn’t. Thank God for technology, we used our phone light to survive through the 5 mins walk in.

And finally..

This is definitely not how the Instagram worthy picture looks alike – (haha) this is reality. Okay jokes aside, it really didn’t turn out as expected, mainly because it was cloudy, the rays didn’t come in as it should have been but nonetheless, it looks surreal & dreamy. Nature captivates us (:

And then, we are en route back to where we came from.

I must say, climbing up is slightly harder. By the time we were out of the cave, the rain got bigger and so the ground is muddier. Even the ropes & sticks that we used earlier was really unsteady – think about erosion. A few of the sticks that was supposed to anchor the ropes came out. Did I also mention? We were super impressed with the staff that were quick to respond & help. They were so agile, making us wonder if there’s a difference with the boots they’re wearing.

So we were back up the same way! Been ‘pulled up’. I read on someone’s blog that about 10 strong man help to pull people up from the ground. When I was up, I was shocked. It wasn’t just 10 man but it was literally the whole village! 

As the rain got bigger, we headed back to the hut where we had briefing. Lunch was included as part of the package. For those thinking to shower – they do have basic shower facilities for you to clean up. But because our next adventure was cave tubing, we just briefly dry ourselves, had lunch & headed off.

It was about a 15- 20 mins drive away to Pindul Cave Tubing. We have never tried cave tubing before. And since Firsta recommended, we decided to give it a try.

Here’s us with our guide.

The 300m cave tubing experience was really relax. The current was really mild (unlike water rafting) and your guide will literally ‘push’ you in the cave as he share about the cave details. The cave tubing took about 20 mins or so?

Cost of Jomblang Cave & Cave Tubing inclusive of private transport is
IDR 900,000 (Jomblang Cave) + IDR 140,000 (Pindul Cave) + IDR 600,000 (12 hours car) = IDR 1,640,000/SGD168 for 2 persons

After contemplating whether to shower or not, we decided not to, reckoning we may not enjoy the shower as much. So we decided to head back hotel to have a good shower before dinner time.

While on the car ride back, we were chatting with Andie what’s good for dinner etc. and he mentioned sate (aka satay). We shared with him that we wanted to check out (the so to speak famous one) the day before but it was close. So Andie suggested to drive past see if it’s open as we still have a bit of time.

And yay! It was (:

We were so blessed because they only left with a couple before it’s close so we were just in time!

Delicious sate (: loved the texture and sauce is pretty different from the one we have in Singapore.

Here’s the address if ya keen!
Sate Ayam Podomoro
Address : Jalan Mataram no.11, Yogyakarta Indonesia
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (but once sold, they’ll close)

We took a shower & chilled a little at our hostel before finding dinner near Malioboro. We checked out on TripAdvisor on the recommendation and found this place called Legian Garden Restaurant. The view was perfect but the food was horrid. But could be due to us ordering western to give it a try. Overall, the view doesn’t compensate with the price and the taste of the food. Definitely not recommended.

And so that’s it for Part 3! Keep a look out for Part 4, which is our favorite activity! :)

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[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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