Solo Travel: 3D2N Port Dickson, Avillion Resort

Solo Travel

3 weeks ago saw me traveling solo for the 2nd time but this time round without any plans, and off I went within days after I booked the necessary. Impromptu trips are so thrilling and exciting!

For some reason, I was able to go on a short solo and without any further ado, I immediately went on Groupon Getaway Deals & booked myself a 3D2N stay at Avillion Resort that includes return coach, additional top-up, breakfast for 3 days and my cosy room at the waterfront chalets. In view of June Holiday and being a single traveler, I had to top-up additional SGD100 so I paid S$348 for everything.

It took me 6 hours to finally arrive at Port Dickson via coach bus with KKKL Travel & Tours. The whole journey didn’t feel like 6 hours though cos’ the coach bus was pretty comfortable and the bus driver was amicable. I was the last person to be dropped off, the rest of the passengers (a few groups of family) alighted at Lexi Hibiscus Port Dickson before me.



Here’s a view of my cosy room above the seawater. The room is relatively clean except the balcony, which was filled with bird droppings and for two nights, I’d been sleeping with a baby bat flying around the room. No idea where it came from but they probably have a home somewhere at the rooftop. I was terrified at first, but they are harmless and the fact they won’t fly nor rest near my bed made me abort the idea of changing a room. I kept the doors & windows closed at all times cos’ you’ll see all sorts of birds flying around and resting on the railings. At the same time, I’ was trying to keep out insects of any sort. Another plus point of this resort is, you get to choose the types of pillow you like.

They even have a pillow menu for you!


What is unique is their open space outdoor bathroom with rain shower head. You can take a bath while admiring the moon and stars, and listening to the sounds of the crashing waves. Rest assured, this area is very enclosed, nobody can intrude your privacy – if you know what I mean. They have 2 basins, so yay to no fighting over who gets to wash up first in the morning! Behind that door is the great throne where you do your ‘business’ but there was quite a strong sewage smell.


Honestly, this place is perfect for unwinding and doing absolutely nothing. If you wanna be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the best fit. What I did for the past 3 days were swimming, gymming, suntanning, lounging, eating, sauna (inside the public bathroom) and spa. They have different pools: children pool, family pool and another pool strictly for adults only. I loved the adult pool, it’s always empty and quiet.

In sequence: Adult pool, family pool & children pool with a slide.

What I loved about hitting the gym when traveling, is its emptiness. The gym is quite barren, just some cardio machines and weights but sufficient for a light decent workout.



For those planning a family trip with children, Avillion Resort is very ideal. They cater some activities for the children. Here, you can feed and pat the animals in the morning after breakfast. For the daughters, there is a kids’ spa too. Additionally, children get to experience with painting, video game consoles etc, at their Kids’ Cabin! All these activities are great to keep your children away from boredom! Do check out their website for more details on the prices and opening hours.


Avillion Resort is tucked away from the city; getting to the city will cost 30RM by taxi. KFC is the nearest eatery. Turn right after you exit the resort, and walk ahead for about 10-15 mins. Most of my meals were settled in the resort at Village Court, beside the family pool.

These were my breakfast. Besides the buffet spread, they have an exclusive menu which you can order from at no additional cost and with no order limit, such as Nasi Lemak, special breakfast set etc.

So I ordered myself Kampung fried rice for dinner and half way through my meal, I noticed the redness on my drumstick and thought it might be partially cooked. I politely signaled the staff over and got them to verify. They came back telling me that it was cooked, but it was frozen beforehand hence the colour. If I would like, they could get it changed for me. I declined since I was almost done with my meal but they insisted and got me a freshly fried drumstick in a jiffy. Their service is impeccable! Oh btw, that meal cost me RM48 with a pot of tea. My lunch, which consists of aglio olio and mushroom room+2 garlic baguette cost me RM52.

I was there during their Ramadan period, so they have this Ramadan buffet by the beach at only RM60!  It’s pretty worth it given the widespread of food and ambience. It feels nice to see every muslim muttering prayer before breaking fast and sipping water in synchronized manner right after.

Avi Spa

This is the highlight of the trip! Nobody does spa quite like them. The exterior and interior of the place is so exquisite, and their service is top-notch.

Entering the spa gives me a calming effect and even their washroom is nicely furnished. So the lady gave me an introduction on their packages and body scrub range, I bought their special Puasa’s package at RM548. It’s honestly on the high side but they are great at what they do!  The package consists of 60-minutes body massage, full body scrub, manicure and pedi cure, and complimentary essential oil, massage oil and room spray. I don’t do mani and pedi so they extended the duration of my body massage instead.

As if the interior is not soothing enough, you get to enjoy the unblock seaview while being treated! After my treatment, I was given refreshments – sweet watermelon and detoxing tea. One thing I loved about them, is they do not hard-sell nor cross-sell their products. During my refreshment, my masseur came in sharing about their products and ended off by saying, “If you’re interested in buying, you can do so later at the counter.” And at the counter, they did not even promote nor bring out their products again.

Then comes the iconic part of Avi Spa…

I could sit there forever and relish in the moment, to admire the beauty of nature and sunset! The view is absolutely breathtaking! I did not regret parting with my money for the treatment and ambience. Avi spa is really a world-class experience :)

If you’re looking for a quick nearby getaway without burning your pocket, give Avillion Resort/Port Dickson a try!

[Post contributed by Gen. N]

I hope this post is helpful! If you have further questions or doubts, do leave a comment and we’ll try our best to help you! :)

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