Semi-Solo Adventure to London – Part 2 (Brunch, Walking Tour, Borough Market & Dinner under £20)


Jet lag is something we’ll probably be worried about. I initially were too, mainly cause i don’t know how bad or well I’ll take it. And thankfully, I think it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

After an early night, I woke up at 5am in the morning. The sun rises at about 5ish. When I woke up, the sky looked like 7am in Singapore. I was just tossing on the bed for a bit before washing up at 6ish; my friend woke up pretty early too :)

We headed for an early breakfast at this place called The Corner House. The place was so pretty, coffee and food were so good. And after checking out the webpage, I realized they are beyond just a cafe and restaurant. A lot more to offer so you can check out the webpage.



such cosy space :)



look at those eggs! the food & coffee is really good. I enjoyed it.
Costs about £30 (S$54) altogether.

My pretty friend, Kristie <3

The Corner House
102-104 Shepherd’s Bush Road W6 7PD

And then the itinerary for the day was then filled with lots of walking,. It’s waking tour by Kristie (haha). We clocked more than 20,000 steps within a day – amazing isn’t it (haha). Anyways, back to the itinerary, my dear friend Kristie, brought me on a London Tour where we covered all the major sites (you know, those places that if you’ve never touched means you’ve never been to London?) Yup, so I covered (i think almost all) within a day.

Just to name a few I can remember :) Leicester Square, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Horse Guard Palace. While doing my research on London, I also found out there are quite a number of free walking tours available too – so feel free to go check them out.


Lunch was at Borough Market! I really love markets, fresh produce! It would have been great if we had a few more friends with us – so I could actually try more food.

Borough Market
8 Southwark St, London

One of the top recommendations for me would be the Oysters! The oysters were so fresh; ate a half a dozen of the oysters & came back again for it before I flew back to Singapore. It costs about £8 (S$14) for half a dozen.

Richard Haward’s Oysters
along the stretch of Stoney St
It’s opened every day except for Monday & Sunday


I also tried the Paella (£7), Pork sandwich (£6.5) and Raclette (£6).
After lunch, it was more walking – burn off the calories! (Haha)


Kristie brought me to one of her favourite dessert places.

Look at the number of cakes – it was so difficult to choose :/_DSC2243

When we entered the shop, the lily smell was so fragrant; absolutely love fresh flowers. In the end we ordered the white chocolate, a chocolate cake and tea – all for £16 (S$28).IMG_2260

Ended the day off with Shopping at Primark – one place you should put on your shopping list! It is kinda similar to target in Australia :)

We got our dinner from the supermarket at Marks & Spencer. One of my favourite places has got to be the supermarket! We spent about £20 (S$36) for the dinner altogether. Couldn’t finish everything and still get to eat some of the leftovers the next day. I guess one of the best ways to save your money will be to get and prepare your meals from the supermarket – they literally have everything!

Dinner was salad, half-baked chicken, shepherd’s pie, country vegetable soup and red wine – it was delicious & worth the price!

And that’s the end of Part 2, also my day 2 post! :)
Thanks for reading & feel free to check-in or let me know if you’ve got any questions.


[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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