Semi-Solo Adventure to London – Part 4 (Natural History Museum; Colour Conference)

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One of the reasons that I decided to come to London during this period (in May) is also to attend the Colour Conference organised by Hillsong Church. But before day 1 conference, I headed to my favourite museum – The Natural History Museum! :)

Will briefly share my experience and what I’ve gleaned from the conference. If you do not feel comfortable reading, feel free to skip part 4 post! :)

“Colour is a global movement of everyday women, with hope in their heart and “change” in their step. A twenty-two year journey has seen this diverse and fabulous host of women help multitudes of others. If making the world a better place resonates with you, you belong within this miracle story.” – taken from the colour conference webpage

Back in 2015, I attended my first Hillsong Conference held in Sydney, Australia – that conference was one that I felt changed and shaped my journey moving forward. And so Color was one that has been on my heart for a while – it is a conference for woman & I knew that there will be a time when I will attend this, and I am glad I did.

Colour conference is a 2.5-day conference. So on day 4, before the night rally starts, I visited another museum – the Natural History Museum!


I had so much fun at Natural History Museum – it is one of my favourites I must say. It is a museum that showcases nature; from the earth to humans, to animals, mammals – as the name of the museum goes, anything nature falls under this museum. It’s equally huge as V&A and I was sad I couldn’t cover in detail most of the places. It’s fascinating to me looking at the explanations on the boards.


Love that there are cafes is the museums so through the exhibits, I took a short break at the cafe and had a scone and coffee £5 (S$9) for morning tea as I wasn’t too hungry.  Overall, I think it’s a museum great for families with children. When I was at the museum, I saw schools bringing students and doing different activities with them.

The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD
Opens daily 10:00 – 17:50 (last entry at 17:30)
Tube station: South Kensington (served by Picadilly line, Circle line and District line)

And so afterwards, it was time to head to the conference; it was located at SSE Arena, Wembley so we took a tube over changing from Picadilly line to Jubilee line to Wembley Park Station. One good thing I am thankful for is that we could eat on the tube. So before we boarded the tube, we got some light bites from Pretz – orange juice and a macaroni.


The conference, in a summary, was a BAM! It was so good and so wonderful seeing all fellow ladies in an arena. We can laugh, cry and just be ourselves in the presence of a sisterhood conference :) There were many moments that I caught for myself. One of my favourite segment was the “Secret Garden segment”, where a panel of women read out letters they wrote to their 16-year-old self. That was just so powerful and though it’s not my own story, I could somehow relate to the emotions of it and tears just can’t help but flow.


“Inner strength can never grow old”, was what Ps Bobbie Houston shared on the 1st night. It resonated so much with what I needed to be reminded at that point in time and actually even now as I was re-reading my notes. While I was waiting for my friend, I was sitting outside on the stairs alone and then this girl approached me and we starting chatting. She was so sweet; she thought I came to the conference alone and wanted to check-in with me to see how I was doing.

And as we were chatting, we shared our stories and interestingly, she has just gone through something similar to what I did before I went on this trip. It was just a sweet moment and encounter for me, and definitely a reminder that I am not alone, in any of the journeys I have been in or will be in, in future.


There are still so much more I could share about the conference. I would encourage you to go and experience it yourself because words can only describe to a certain extent. Feel free to leave a comment or email me should you have any questions.

And this sums up my Part 4 of my London journey! :) Next up, I’ll share with you one of the best and beautiful afternoon tea I’ve ever had. Till then!


[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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