Semi-Solo Adventure to London – Part 5 (Sketch Afternoon Tea & Hyde Park)


And welcome to Part 5 of the journey!  I’ll be sharing with you one of the prettiest, coolest and amazing afternoon tea that I have ever had. It’s an experience in itself!

One of the must-need to do in London is definitely having afternoon tea. There are so many to choose from and in the end, we decided on Sketch. Reservation in advance is required, so Kristie helped to book a month before the date. And when I arrived there, I can understand why it’s so popular!

Just a little introduction on what Sketch is. Sketch is a place where it is the place, for food, art and music created by Mourad “Momo” Mazouz and his team of chefs and designers over two expansive floors of a converted 18th-century building in Conduit Street, Mayfair, London. (Adapted from Sketch webpage)

So basically, it doesn’t just have a restaurant, it also has an art gallery as well. This is not your usual typical restaurant & I’ll explain in a bit.

9 Conduit Street London W1S 2XG
Opens daily (for breakfast, brunch, drinks, dinner)
Tube station: Bond Street Station, Oxford Circus Station or Piccadilly Circus Station
(About 10 – 15 mins from the station) 

We were shopping prior to having tea and so when we entered, they even have special concierge services where we can leave our jackets and shopping bags there, to be collected after.

Look at the place! it’s so pretty! Even the servers were all dressed up to the theme!
It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, so whimsical.

Depending on your choice, whether with alcohol or not, the prices vary. Kristie and I ordered the afternoon tea set (excluding alcohol) for about £58 per person. We paid in total £131.50 ($236.70) for 2 pax, including the taxes as well as a still water we ordered. Just a note, use the term ‘tap water’ instead of still water.

Look at the menu, I absolutely love it, It’s so well explained. We knew what we were eating based on the menu provided.


The first dish that came up was Egg and Soldiers & the Cavier Man.IMG_3066

Then the tea set. The items on this tea set are refillable :)

And of course, how can we forget the scones? Hot and fresh scone with jams and clotted cream – it’s so yummy! And I was just craving for it the other day when Facebook reminded me of this experience. And nothing can compare to this. IMG_3086

And to sum it up, really. I am someone who will be willing to pay for experiences. And though this afternoon tea is on a price-er side. I would say it’s really worth it. The entire dining experience was spectacular; from the visuals to the service to the food – everything is well worth the money spent.  Look at our happy and satisfied face :)

And when you thought it’s just visuals of restaurant, service and food? Nope, it doesn’t stop there! Even the restroom was so pretty! Look at it, look at it. It’s a place probably worthy to be on your Instagram as well.


After a really really full meal, Kristie brought me for a walk (again!). I love walking, I really do :) And we headed to one of the popular parks and also another must-visit when you are in London. The Hyde Park.

Hyde Park is a really huge park (350 acres) that is right in the heart of London. It is actually one of the eight Royal Parks. It does not just offer your usual activities. You can go boating, horse riding, swimming etc. As we were only just passing by to head back home, I didn’t really get to try any of that. I initially wanted to come back to just chill or even have a picnic (the weather was so lovely that we could do that) but unfortunately not enough time :( Ah wells, this calls for another trip back! And yes I will be, someday.

Hyde Park
Opens daily from 5am to 12midnight

Though I didn’t do any of the above – I did take lots of pictures though. Every corner, the area seems like a picturesque moment. From the huge patch of grass to the trees, to the lake, everything was so beautiful. The sun was setting as we were heading back, so the lighting was even more gorgeous.


And a few of my portrait shots :)



And that marks the end of Part 5 of the post! :)
I hope you enjoy reading what has been shared thus far. Next up, will be my 2D1N tour experience with Rabbies to Avebury, Cotsworld, Bath and Oxford.

Stay tuned & till then, feel free to leave a comment or email me.


[Post contributed by Raine Ong]

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