Eat Shop Hong Kong Part 1: Casa Hotel, Tsui Wah, Avenue of Stars & Dimdim Sum


Hong Kong is a city that isn’t foreign to me, I’ve resided in Hong Kong for 3 months for internship and thereafter, made a revisit with my mom and godma. I loved Hong Kong; coming back to this city makes me feels right at home, but that feeling had soon dissipated after this revisit with my immediate family. I don’t remember Hong Kong to be THIS crowded and their lousy service attitude needs plenty of work, but I guess that’s their culture which we can’t really fault. That said, there are still reasons to love Hong Kong – food & shopping! There was never a day we came back to the hotel empty-handed nor went about a day without a satisfied tummy.

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Bangkok 4&5/5: Saabx2 Wanton Noodle,Platinum Mall and Chinatown T&K Seafood/Birds’ Nest


Hello guys! Sorry for the long hiatus, I am finally back to complete my Bangkok post.

On day 4, I brought my family to try the highly raved Saab Saab Wanton Noodle aka Soi 19. There wasn’t any queue during my first visit years ago, but this time around I was greeted by a long queue at about 9.30 to 10ish, which comprises of mostly Singaporeans & Malaysians.

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