Bangkok 4&5/5: Saabx2 Wanton Noodle,Platinum Mall and Chinatown T&K Seafood/Birds’ Nest


Hello guys! Sorry for the long hiatus, I am finally back to complete my Bangkok post.

On day 4, I brought my family to try the highly raved Saab Saab Wanton Noodle aka Soi 19. There wasn’t any queue during my first visit years ago, but this time around I was greeted by a long queue at about 9.30 to 10ish, which comprises of mostly Singaporeans & Malaysians.

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Hello there from Raine

Hello all!

I am very excited to start this new blog over here together with my best friend Genecia :)
And hopefully with this platform managed by two authors, we can keep the post going instead of having so many backlogs (talking about myself).

I will leave the posts at my previous blog, and will finished up the Vietnam series over there.

This year, I am excited to share that I will be travelling to Bali (this Sunday) and to Sydney (in June). Excited to share with you guys again & thanks so much for just popping by say hi! feel free to leave a comment and give me recommendations and places to go.

Much love,