Yogyakarta Part 1: Introduction

Jogja Part1

At the mere mention of Indonesia, the first few places that come to mind would be Bali, Bandung, Bintan and Jakarta BUT Yogyakarta (also known as Jog-ja or Jogjakarta). As we were doing our research on this place, we had a hard time gathering information and reviews for it was not popularly blogged nor visited. It’s a place typically overlooked. A boring city it seems, but I begged to differ after having experienced it ourselves.

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Here at Jogja

Hello guys! 

Gen & I are currently at Yogyakarta or otherwise known as Jogja in short. If you are in this area or known of places worth a try – do let us know!

Till then, here’s a photo of us! Can’t wait to share more after our trip on this amazing country (:


Genecia & Raine